Why Is It Always About Sex?

The blue light on my shirt made my white shirt pop! My head bobbed to the music and I did a little booty shake as I kissed the 8 pound metallic blue bowling ball. Laughter filled the air as I make my millionth gutterball of the night.

Not taking it too seriously, I spun around, lifting my fist to the sky, and dropping to one knee, “Yessssss!” I shouted.

Then I noticed, my girlfriend wasn’t the only one laughing at me. A pair of blue eyes, with a baseball cap was smiling and shaking his head. I felt an instant interest.

I had been single for a year, and honestly, struggling to find interest in dating. Something was different about this though; I wasn’t at a party, I was in a bowling alley. What harm could come with a little flirtation?

I gave him a coy smile, and  ran over to give him a high five. Then watched my girl take her swing, again a gutter ball, and we cheered like it was the super bowl.

Now it was my turn .

I had struck up a little conversation with him, and asked if he wanted to do a “Celebrity Shot”? He agreed to our madness.

Soon after his friends showed up, and they got a lane at the far end, away from us.

I found ways to continue flirting, like running up and grabbing his hat. Eventually, we were leaving, we made eye contact, and I gave him a little wave.

Thinking, that would be the end of a fun little night. To my surprise, he ran up and asked if he could take me out to brunch. Of course I accepted!

A brunch date is the most harmless date! A guy who is asking you on one of those is definitely into finding a committed relationship, I thought to myself.

The next morning I woke up early… like 4am early, showered, and did myself up, anticipating a call.

I waited, and waited , and waited.

Noon rolled around, and I realized this wasn’t happening. I was in shock! He seemed so sweet, and interested. I mean, he asked me on a date for pete sakes!

I went about my day, and finally heard from him. He said he was sorry, and wanted to know if I would to go on a walk on the beach with him.

I thought, “Oh! How cute!”

So I agreed.

We had a nice long walk both ways, and ended up playing a card game together. Then he tried.

You know what I am talking about!

By that time I knew that I didn’t want to have one night stands. They weren’t satisfying my need to feel loved. I was ready for a relationship, and because I knew I didn’t want that, and I didn’t let him have it.

The moral of the story, if you’re in a place where you’re tired of feeling like it is always about sex; if you’re feeling disgusted, and ready to give up, DON’T!

There is someone out there for you. And just because he wants sex, doesn’t mean you HAVE to have sex! Take your time, and make him wait. If he is interested he will respect your choice.

Love is out there! Don’t give up! Keep loving yourself, and respecting your dreams, and I promise you will find him!


Much love,

The Official Mrs. Critchlow


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