This is a place for women who are ready to start dating in a way that will attract a keeper. It is for women who are tired of the types of men they have been dating, and they are ready to meet the Man of their dreams. The man who could very likely become their husband.

Since you’re here right now, something tells me that you have a huge heart, you are so ready for love to fill your life, and you’re definitely not giving up on finding Mr. Right.


Working with me prepares you to be in a stable, healthy, committed relationship. This allows you the space to let go of anything that is holding you back, and to create the space for the Man of your dreams.

But maybe you…

* Have this giant fear that you might be alone forever.


* Get excited, and nervous to go on dates but could use a little boost  in the confidence spectrum.


* Feel used and hurt when it comes down to letting him in your sheets, he seems right to you, but he   never sticks around for long afterwards.

No Matter Where You Are In Your Life, You Want A Relationship That’s Full Of Love

You want to fall in love with a man who can be a team with you. Someone you would want to take life on together with.


You want to get married to your best friend & lover.


You want to find someone who sees that you’re kind, funny and sexual, and who loves and respects you for all of you.


But you just don’t know how to make it a reality. You feel stuck.


Trust me girlfriend, I’ve totally been there!

My strongest belief is that true happiness exists within all of us, and the ability to meet the right guy hasn’t faded away.

He is Real!


He is Out There


The question is, are you ready for him?

Now, if you want to be a part of this girl-gang, you have to know that we have a few core beliefs…

* If you keep sleeping with him on the first, second or third date- it’s most likely not going to become something more than a “hookup”.


* You are an incredible woman, and there is someone out there for you!


* If you have strong values, and know exactly what you want, and will not accept the wrong guy- you will find the right guy.


* Allowing the man you’re dating to get to know you before climbing into bed with you will give him the chance to fall for you & respect you!


* You are deserving of love!


* Love will find you. Just be you!

So, who am I, REALLY?

I am Taylor, duh!


I’m what most people call down to earth. I adore my little family consisting of my Hubby, my pup, and a kitten. I can’t get enough of the great outdoors, hiking is literally my zen. Date nights make me warm and fuzzy, and tbh I love a good glass of wine in the evening.

Behind Closed Doors

I am a tickle master. Joyous laugh-er when I make a mistake. I say ‘what the poo”, when I think something is messed up. I am addicted to dark chocolate and cold brew coffee. Seriously! Come to my house a week before mother nature strikes me, and all I crave is chocolate! I am a literal fiend.


Oh! And I like to think that I am a total hottie when I am doing the q-tip dance in the kitchen to “I like big butts”.

In all seriousness, and above all else I have always had a huge passion for raising women up, and helping them see how incredible they are!

If you… 

* Have a hard time seeing what makes you special.


* Don’t know how to get respect from a Man.


* Or you feel alone. You want friends who can relate to what you’re trying to do. (Your girlfriends & family are supportive, but they don’t quite get it.)

Virtual bestie at your service!
How This Became My Life

My second relationship was picture perfect.


I had strong values, and I knew what I wanted from a relationship, and the relationship was great because of it. That summer, on my birthday his family moved away.


I was heartbroken.


I spent every night crying myself to sleep for a year.

A Bit More About My Life

I fell into a deep depression, and for many reasons I lost my confidence, and I lost sight of what I wanted, because I thought I had lost my “one true love”. My relationships afterwards suffered because of it. They weren’t fulfilling, and I ended up getting into a relationship that was verbally abusive.


Eight months later I moved out of state.


Something changed when I moved. I met a lot of men who didn’t respect me, and didn’t want to be with me in a committed type of way.


I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong. Was it the culture of the town? Or was it me?

My Moment of Realization

I realized I had let go of myself completely. I had changed in ways that were affecting me, and the way I dated. I had forgotten my core values, and allowed Men to run my dating life with their agenda.  


I spent so little time on what I really wanted, and how to get what I was looking for that I kept meeting the wrong guys. The sad part, was I had spent such a long time being a person that didn’t stand by a moral code that I couldn’t even decipher which ones were right from wrong (for me).


I spent a lot of time with myself, I focused on my happiness, what I wanted, and the core values I had for myself.


Soon after I met my hubby.

I became so passionate about how life changing commitment to yourself can be that I decided I wanted to help other women who are struggling to find love, & their own worth.

I went to  iPEC (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching), and became a Life Coach, and I am now creating a space for women who are struggling to find love, and happiness get to know themselves.


Crazy, right?


I want to help you grow your confidence and help you find the man of your dreams too!

Through my experience, online courses, and coaching I help women in search of love, like YOU,  find and keep the Man of their dreams.

If you’re like ” gurrrrrrl I NEED you in my life!”  feel free to shoot out an email to .


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Let's Rock and Roll, Woman!
Who This Is Perfect For:

Who This Is Perfect For:

  • If you’re ready to date the right man, but you have baggage that is holding you back, or you are so used to dating in an unhealthy, unsatisfying way that you just aren’t sure how to date- this is for you!
  • This is for women who are willing to take a good hard look at themselves and their past relationships, and say, “I want to change!”
  • This is for you if you know deep down in your heart you want so much more from a man. You want a dreamy relationship. You just don’t know how to find him, but you’re willing to put in the work to find him.
  • This is for women who are ready to regain their confidence in themselves & in dating.
  • This is for women who want to be a part of a community where they will be empowered and encouraged to be their most beautiful selves.