How to Start Loving Yourself|WEEK 8-Taking Over Your Life Challenge

How to Start Loving Yourself

Join me for my best tips for starting a journey to truly loving yourself.

Beginning a journey to loving myself was one of the BIGGEST game changers in my dating life. It gave me the opportunity to find joy on my own and to understand that I don’t NEED someone else to be happy. Loving myself also started to attract a different type of guy. The type of guy who appreciated me, respected me and wanted to create something special with me.

If you’re just getting into this challenge, hi, hello, and welcome!

This challenge is all about taking a holistic approach to overcoming obstacles in your life. Meaning I believe that each part of your life plays a role in how successful you will be at accomplishing any task. This challenge takes a look at each aspect of your life, and helps you get your life right one step at a time so that nothing can stand in the way of your BIG goals.

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