3 Changes You Should Be Making to Love HIM the Way He Deserves to Be Loved

How to Learn from Past Relationships so You Can Love Even Better!

Okay, so you’ve done the hard work of loving yourself, but what about setting yourself up for success in your future relationships?

Join me for my best tips for starting a journey to giving your future partner your best kinda love.

I am a true believer in the quote “you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else” however, I also believe that once you’ve gotten to a good place with yourself it’s important to start considering this question, “Who do I want to be for someone else?”

As women I think a lot of times we dream about prince charming, and what he will be like, and what he will do for us, but how often do you think about the type of woman you want to be for him?

Believe me, he is out there dreaming about who he is going to meet, what you’ll be like, and what you’ll do for him.

If you’re just getting into this challenge, hi, hello, and welcome!

Make sure you watch the other video’s in this series if you haven’t already, because it is REALLY important to get right with yourself first!

This challenge is all about taking a holistic approach to overcoming obstacles in your life. Meaning I believe that each part of your life plays a role in how successful you will be at accomplishing any task. This challenge takes a look at each aspect of your life, and helps you get your life right one step at a time so that nothing can stand in the way of your BIG goals.

As with each week before, I have created a freebie for this weeks challenge. I usually say, “it’s an adorable little document” but this week I felt was deserving of a detailed document that helps you list everything out. I also provided space under each section an easy layout for setting your personalized goal using the “Creating Goals that Last” model.

Don’t forget to stay tuned for next week’s video for the final episode of The Taking Over Your Life Challenge video!

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