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Is to create a safe, empowering & encouraging space for women to release their past, regain love & confidence in themselves, all while giving them the tools to succeed in finding, creating, & maintaining a healthy relationship. Allowing them to open up to falling in love with the RIGHT Man & live happily ever after.


Begin the process of healing & mending that beautiful heart of yours.

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Join a group of incredible Women who are all about empowering & lifting each other up.

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Learn how to love & respect yourself while you date. Learn to accept what you desire from a relationship & how to get exactly what you’re looking for.

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Check Out The Free Goodies!

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The Bad Girls Guide to Good Men

This 3 month course allows you to dig deep inside yourself, and gives you the tools to begin dateing in an authentic & empowering way.

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Join an empowering & encouraging tribe of women who are enthusiastic about supporting eachother, dating in a way that is authentic to them, & finding the man of their dreams.

Meet The Lady Behind The Brand

I am a tickle master. Joyous laugh-er when I make a mistake. I say ‘what the poo”, when I think something is messed up. I am addicted to dark chocolate and cold brew coffee. Seriously! Come to my house a week before mother nature strikes me, and all I crave is chocolate! I am a literal feen.


Oh! And I like to think that I am a total hottie when I am doing the q-tip dance in the kitchen to “I like big butts”.

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Learn How to Stop Trying to Rush Dating

Learn How to Stop Trying to Rush Dating

Learn how to live in the moment while you are dating, and stop putting pressure on yourself to change.